The Team

Robbie Britton IMG_5585

Robbie is a Team GB 24hr Runner who has finished 3rd at the World 24hr Championships with 261km. He has also completed and won lots of ultra marathons across the globe, including the 200k Ice Ultra, North Downs and South Downs Way 100 milers and European mountain races.

Robbie would one day like to be described as “an insouciant ragamuffin” and has aspirations of Polar travel. He lives in Montroc with his partner Natalie and their GSP Rosa.


Majell Backhausen


Majell is an Australian International Ultra Trail runner who has competed at the highest level, winning races in Australia, New Zealand and the European Alps. He lives where the trails are good and the stoke is high, chasing the eternal summer.

Majell is an insouciant ragamuffin and has beautiful hair.

Ben Saunders


Ben Saunders is one of the world’s leading polar explorers, and a record-breaking long-distance skier who has covered more than 6,000km (3,700 miles) on foot in the Polar Regions since 2001.

Ben initially agreed to be Patron of the Expedition and had this to say before he set off on one of the greatest adventures of all, the Trans-Antarctic Solo.

“I’ve travelled over more than my fair share of ice on foot, but never at the speed that Robbie and Majell are planning, and I’m in awe of what this team is attempting. Their traverse of Lake Baikal is a genuinely pioneering and ambitious adventure, and I’ll be following every step of the way. If you are in a position to help this team achieve their goal, then I would urge you to do so.”

Now Ben will literally be following (or leading) every step of the way as he has agreed to join the expedition on the ice. Ben’s huge amount of polar experience should really raise the chances of success and help stop Robbie and Majell freezing in Siberia.

Follow Ben’s current adventure here: