The idea for the Lake Baikal Traverse came about from combining some of our favourite things; Adventure, Geography, pushing our limits, sub zero conditions and eating freeze-dried rations packs.

Robbie was the initial driving force and he thought long and hard about finding a team that would have the right amount of experience, ability and enthusiasm to attempt such an endeavour in the Siberian Winter. Neil and Majell fit the bill.

After Lake Baikal has frozen in February 2018 the team will fly to Irkutsk, travel to Sludyanka at the Southern most point of the Lake and get out on the ice. The plan is to have a mini-expedition of 1-2 nights on the ice to test everything in situ and share the experience with our photography/support team of two.

After everything is set we will step out onto the ice for the big adventure.

Each day will consist of travelling for 8-9 hours, finding a decent mooring for the tent and pitching up each night on the ice, with ice screws instead of tent pegs. The guys will carry everything with them, dragging along pulks across the icy surface.

Daily totals will depend on weather, route choice, cracks in the ice and how much maintenance Majell’s hair requires as temperatures drop to -40 and winds pick up to 100kph. Frostbite and hypothermia will be real risks.

After 9-11 days they aim to step foot on the land at the North of Lake Baikal, most likely in quite a scruffy and ravenous state, and have broken the record. Ray and Kevin are extremely experienced adventurers so we don’t expect this to be easy.

The aim is to go in search of adventure, our limits and to find out just what is possible for the human body and mind under duress. The team want to be able to share the experience and inspire others to step out into the cold themselves, to find adventure on their doorstep and embrace it.

You can follow the boys via trackers, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and any other way they find of communicating with really cold hands.



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